Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hope in Aging, in Spite of Illness--the Great Physician!

Well, this week has been full of surprises!
On Monday, Don and I had dentist appointments, and neither of us had any more appointments for six months!  What a blessing after a year of  two crowns and root canal!

 The "thing" we have been waiting to happen with our son Nathan seems to be on the horizon, so we are singing some praises over here! If you don't already know what the "thing" is...believe me it is huge, and we are thankful....including Nathan!

 Lisa got some wonderful news, which still has me smiling and thanking God!!  Her PET scan on Tuesday was a "hair away from absolutely normal", and she is only halfway through her chemo!!  Praise God!  She had a challenging chemo on Thursday, but by yesterday she was feeling great!  That has to be God's healing Hands!!

Thursday I had my appointment with my diabetes specialist.  She gave me not great news in the best way possible, and by the end of my appointment, I was feeling like it was no big deal to be on insulin all day long!  It turned out to be a bit more challenging than I thought...yesterday was my first day.  I had a day of highs and normals, but by evening the thought of food made me almost run for the bathroom!  I went to bed completely exhausted.  But today is a new day, and my morning blood sugar was much better.

Entering the Sunset Years!
Last but maybe not least....I will be wearing glasses for the first time in my life.  I was thankful to have only a tiny diabetic change in the back of my right eye....a tiny speck of a hemorrhage , which we have to "keep an eye on".... pun intended!  But the reason I was seeing blurry which caused my diabetes specialist to request an immediate eye examination, was not diabetic retinopathy...but the worsening of my vision, requiring me to start wearing glasses.  At least I'm not in bifocals yet.  I asked Don to make sure he isn't the kind of guy who "won't make passes" if this old girl wears glasses!  He asked if I had "looked" at him lately?  lol!  (He has a collection of all strengths of glasses and a contact!)  I love my husband.  I might even stop coloring my hair and we can start really growing old together!

Well, we have to live up to our titles, EeeEee and DooDah!  We are 57....old age?  Bring it on!  We have a Great Physician, and the end is better than the beginning!  Hope!

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