Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Hope in the One Who Fights For Us

I hate goodbyes of all kinds.  In a few days, my son Steve will move to Richmond to live.  He has lived in the same area as the rest of our family since he came back from college ten years ago.  Now he is following love and a new life to Richmond, only an hour away.  I won't say goodbye to Steve and Bronte, his girlfriend.  I'll say, "I'll see you when I see you!"  And I'm sure we will make that happen.

My friend Lisa begins chemo this week.  We have been assured that she won't die from the lymphoma that grows and has been increasing in her body.  The chemo will cost her hair but not her life right now, as long as all goes well.  But, no matter what, I won't say goodbye to Lisa either.  I'll say, "I'll see you when I see you!", because both of our final destinations is in Heaven where we will live forever with our Heavenly Father.  We are truly sisters, and one day we will live with our Father.  As will our other family members who share the same Father and Savior.

Sometimes the Holy Spirit makes me feel the lightness of the assurance of eternal life.  I almost feel my own spirit rising to meet His when I am deep in prayer.  But the worldly worries weigh me down sometimes.  Will my son and Bronte be safe in Richmond?  Will they have what they need?  What is their eternal destiny?  What about the eternal destiny of all of my family?  Will we live together with our Heavenly family?

And what about Lisa?  Will she be okay?  My hope is not in my own ability to make all of my loved ones healthy, happy and Heaven bound.  My hope is totally in Him.  "The Lord will fight your battles.  You need only be still!"  Exodus 17:17.  There are battles ahead and dangers.  He will fight for us all!